Sky Alchemist

Sky Alchemist is a beautiful steampunk strategic puzzle game set in the World of Sky. It was inspired by tower defence games, but is quite a departure from the usual tower defence game. Many “TD evolved” games have tried to evolve it by adding a FPS component, or by turning it into a clickfest. Sky Alchemist has evolved the genre by increasing the strategic depth and the complexity of what you can build. The game offers:

  • A persistent inventory system that lets you retain your progress from level to level;
  • No penalty for removing tools from play - rebuild at your leisure;
  • Thousands and thousands of possible missions, each featuring different combinations of 58 “enemies”.

Sky Alchemist Trailer - Desura

Double Goggles - Steampunk Ambiguity

What is Steampunk aesthetics? Clock parts, corsets, duh… Well, there is some more to it.

Dressed To Kill

When making a game in the Steampunk genre: how do you dress your female characters? Squeeze them into corsets? Then we rather should have a “Hand me the smelling salt”-button in the game…

Æthergarn is published!

Æthergarn, the Steampunk Anthology edited by Stefan Holzhauer, is now published. It contains 10 awesome Stories. One of them is by me.

Go Fictional

So, lately I have become creative and written a story for the Steampunk Anthology "Æthergarn", planned as e-book.

Fractal Frivolities - Morning Call at Mrs. Beeton's

Some mind-expanding effects of … tatting!

Spiders - An Image Problem

Imagine a fat, black, hairy spider sitting in your bathroom. Reason might tell you that spiders are useful, harmless animals, hunting flies and mosquitos, but then there are images of demonic giant spiders stored in the back of your unconscious that will not allow you to come on friendly terms with the little occupant of your bathtub.
If you are a woman you might be able to send a man in and have him exile or kill the monster. If you have no male hero to send to the front, you have to be brave yourself or make your peace with spiders. So spiders clearly need some image polishing. I will step in as a spin doctor.

The Female Brain or the Missing Five Ounces

Is there something like a “female brain”? With this discussion, recently popularized by some writers, I feel we get back to a discussion that was already old and done with by 1900. Can please someone hit the button and load the next level?

Ondina, by Walmor Corrêa, 2008

Madame Bovary and the Airship - A quest for historical accuracy

Sub Rosa, The Girls, Andrea Blood & Zoe Sinclair
Image: the girls

Inventing the female protagonist for a game can be challenging. Even more so when the game’s setting is vaguely Victorian. Can we imagine a Victorian Lady, laced up into her corset so tightly that the slightest excitement lets her faint, be the hero of an action oriented game? In this post the ill-treated heroines of 19th century novels throw away the smelling salts and take revenge ….
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